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Bundle: Oat Milk + Nitro Cold Brews + Coffee - Minor Figures AU

Bundle: Oat Milk + Nitro Cold Brews + Coffee



Bundle Includes

  • 1 Case (6 X 1 Litre) Oat Milk
  • 1 Double Origin Filter / Espresso (wholebean)
  • 6 Nitro Cold Brews (2 black, 2 latte, 2 mocha)

Barista Oat Milk

Our simple ingredients oat drink is designed to complement the true and unique flavors of the highest quality coffee. Also goes great with tea, cereal, cooking and baking.

Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffee for your filter or espresso coffee.  227g

A meticulous combination of two stellar in-season single origin coffees.

Working with the best farms around the world, we source and roast beans that perfectly complement each other to create harmonious flavours in the cup.

Nitro Cold Brews

No dairy. No added sugar. 200ml cans.

Black — Cascading coffee.
Latte — Cascading coffee and Oat Milk.
Mocha — Cascading coffee, Oat Milk and cocoa.