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Nitro Cold Brew: Matcha Latte Nitro Cold Brew: Matcha Latte

Nitro Cold Brew: Matcha Latte

Green Tea + Oat M*lk


Our Matcha Latte is made by pairing stone-ground matcha tea leaves with our classic Oat M*lk to create a wholesome balance of sweet and natural earthiness.

Ceremonial grade (the highest measure of quality) for peak zen-like enjoyment, it also packs a caffeine hit for energy and focus. A flow of nitrogen is released the moment it’s opened to create a silky microfoam and bring the blend to life.


No dairy. No added sugar.
100% vegan. 

Store in a cool dry place. After opening keep in the fridge and drink within 3 days. 

Minor Figures Ready to Drink Matcha Latte

Minor Figures Matcha Latte

Suitable for Vegans Oat Milk No Refined Sugars Nitrogen Infused
Earth Icon - Oat Milk sustainability
Better for your planet

Everything that Minor Figures does is now Carbon Neutral. We counteract all of the emissions we create as a company with two really special offset projects, which you can find out about here.

By the way, oats require a fraction of the water and land needed to produce cow’s milk, so no methane burps here.

Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Ceremonial Grade marks the highest quality of matcha, grown under shade, meticulously picked and stone-ground for a delicate and pure flavour.


Oat drink (water, oat(16%) sunflower oil, salt), ceremonial grade matcha tea.


Serving Size 100ml

Energy 76 KCal

Total Fat 2.7g
   Saturated Fat 0.4g

Total Carbohydrate 11g
   Total Sugars 5.6g

Protein 0.8g

Salt 0.1g