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Bureaux Coffee



Flavour Notes: Butter, Gingerbread, Sugar Cane
Country: Sitio Retz, Brazil

If you have a passing interest in coffee, you’re probably aware that Brazil produces a huge amount of world’s supply, and that lot of this coffee is a bit generic with a reliable but basic ‘chocolate and nuts’ flavour profile.

But not all Brazils are created equal — something that was made acutely obvious to me on my first trip there. Outside of the mass-produced, conventional lots, there’s a growing number of small, quality-focused producers growing, harvesting, and processing coffees that are fresh, sweet, and rich with a sense of place.

This particular selection, Sitio Retz, comes to us from producer Helmar Retz whose farm is located in the Espirito Santo region. This area has typically been known for lower quality robusta production, but recently has made inroads into the higher quality echelons through producers’ commitments to selective picking and careful processing.

On the cupping table, this coffee impressed with a great breadth of character; rich, warm, and softly-fruited, underpinned by a buttery, sweet body. We’re roasting it for filter brewing, so lean this way if you’re brewing on pour-over, plunger or AeroPress.


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Bureaux Coffee Roaster

Bureaux Coffee

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The Coffee

ORIGIN: Brazil - Sitio Retz

TASTING NOTES: Butter, Gingerbread, Sugar Cane

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The Farmers

Helmar Retz, alongside his brother, Ederson, has taken over the family coffee farm from his father. After making the decision to re-direct the farm towards quality coffee production, Helmar has been working on infrastructure and process improvements to raise the quality and price of the coffee they grow.

The Roaster

Bureaux is a small, quality-centric coffee company based in Melbourne, Australia. We source and roast expressive and resonant coffeesto share with coffee lovers in Australia and around the world.

Through our roasting collective, we support cafes looking to produce their own coffee by providing 'by-the-hour access' to roasting equipment as well as white label and contract roasting services.