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Tab 5 | Becoming a B-Corp

A Certified B-Corp is a company that looks beyond their financial success - AKA the ‘bottom line’ - when measuring performance, placing importance and value on the social and environmental impact as well. When you see a B-Corp certification, you can trust that the brand takes care of its people (suppliers, employees, you name it) and the planet. That triad forms the “Triple Bottom Line”.

We chose to apply to become a B-Corp because the certification system helps us take a critical look at ourselves and enables us to know we are doing the absolute best we can be doing in all the aspects of being an ethical business that matter to us. Best of all, it helps us to be totally transparent with all the people who are invested in Minor Figures too - be it the at-home baristas, professional coffee drinkers, investors, or cafe-owners who stock our Oat M*lk. We submitted our application to become a B-Corp certified company in June 2020, but it takes a while to process the whole thing due to the high number of companies doing the same thing (which is great news) and the limited number of employees at B-Lab (the company delivering  the B-Corp certification). We’ll shout about it once we get it.