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How often will I get my Oat M*lk delivery?
How often do you need it? You can match your delivery frequency to how fast you drink your Oat M*lk, with delivery options being at 1, 2, 3, or even 6 month intervals.

Hint for first timers - the monthly option is the most popular!

Can I cancel anytime?
Of course! If you’re feeling Oat M*lked-out you can cancel your deliveries yourself by logging into your account or by emailing if you need a hand.

What if I have too much Oat M*lk?
If we’re sending you Oat M*lk faster than you can drink it, we’ll give you time to catch up! You can pause your orders at anytime without having to cancel your membership by dropping us an email at

What else do I get as a subscriber?
When Oat M*lk on tap isn’t exciting enough for ya, you’ll have extra perks to keep your spirits up! Think early access to merch drops, extra members-only content and other fun stuff.

Oh and what about the ducksuit?
What about it?