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Colombian Coffee Spotlight

Roaster Roster is back! This month marks the relaunch of our lockdown-born monthly roast, where we give you guys the opportunity to try a new coffee each month from a small, independent roaster local to each of our MF homes in the UK, US, and Australia. Check out this month’s roasts here. We’re kicking off the first month by throwing the spotlight onto Colombian coffee, which is considered to be some of the very finest coffee in the world.

We made the decision to celebrate Colombian coffee many months ago, but it seems all the more relevant now, given the political climate in Colombia. Our hearts go out to our friends and colleagues in Colombia who have been affected by the situation. As a result, we’ll be donating 100% of profits from sales of this month’s Roaster Roster to the Colombia-based Nutrir Foundation.

Why are we supporting the Nutrir Foundation?

The Nutrir Foundation, based in Manizales, Colombia, is focused on improving the quality of life and nutrition of local children and their pregnant and/or breastfeeding mothers. The organisation helps displaced and vulnerable children suffering from malnutrition and extreme poverty. Their focus isn’t only about ensuring children have access to food but extends to supporting the children through social development and educating them and their families about nutrition.

While the political situation in Colombia began with demonstrations against a proposed tax reform, the ongoing unrest has led to food shortages, among many other things. With 42.7% of Colombian families already living with food insecurity, and 13.2% of Colombian children under the age of 5 having been diagnosed with chronic malnutrition, we chose to support the Nutrir Foundation to help families and children access vital resources. Read more about their work here. (Statistics courtesy of Nutrir Foundation).

What’s so special about Colombian coffee? 

Coffee is an incredibly sensitive crop that requires the perfect conditions in which to grow. With its mountainous terrains, tropical locations, and the perfect balance of heavy rainfall, sunlight, and dry-spells, Colombia’s rich biodiversity is the perfect place for coffee to thrive.

Colombia boasts over 200 years of coffee exportation and is the second largest producer of Arabica coffee in the world.  Arabica is considered the superior bean to the cheaper robusta, known for its sweeter and lighter taste, and Colombian coffee is 100% arabica bean. 

Machines need not apply

It’s not just the gifts from mother nature that have earnt Colombia its superior coffee reputation, but also the skill and dedication of the people who grow it. Colombia's coffee growing industry is mostly smallholder coffee producers, growing their coffee at high elevation, which yields exceptional quality.

To make great coffee requires a meticulous understanding of the right way to cultivate the trees and harvest the coffee beans. While it is possible to use a machine to strip the plant of all its beans in one fell swoop, Colombian coffee is usually harvested manually, with only the ripest beans being hand-picked from the plant to ensure only the highest quality roast at the end of the line.

Each of our featured coffees this month are from roasters who are big on celebrating the people who grow and harvest the coffee. It’s important to remember how much hard work and expertise goes into every single cup of coffee you drink - from before the coffee plant is even in the ground.

What are the coffees this month?

Every month, switch up your morning routine with a fresh new coffee from a local, independent roaster. We switch up our range of limited edition, speciality coffees based on origin, roast profiles, and the folks who make it.